Shorts Brewing Co- Aorta Ale

2-5-10 Shorts Brewing Co. does an Imperial Beer Series and they come with a cool trading style card. This one had a picture of a cyclist racing at Iceman and I swear he looks like our very own Ralf Scharnowski. The card goes on to tell of Joe Shorts friend Mark Mueller a cyclist and how he went under the knife in 2006 to repair his ascending aorta arch. Joe produced this beer in part to Marks experience. So much for the name, go to Shorts up north and by this bomber. It isn’t available locally and there are not many left. This bottle was one day short of 3 years old! It will cost you $18 or so but it is worth it, and hey it may put you on the podium at your next ski race, just ask Jeff Jacobi.
Bottle #614 of 780 poured a deep copper with a huge creamy off-white head that disappears slowly and leaves tons of lacing. The aroma is that of a nice big red ale. It’s got lots of caramel sweetness but with a toasted bread character overall. There are some hops in the nose, but it’s pretty much all malts in the nose. The taste is rather sweet at first with some dark fruits and sugar. The finish really brings out the toasted bready malts but the hops shine through too, if you love IPA’s like I do you’ll like this too. While not as creative as some of the others listed with spruce, sunflower seeds, licorice, etc. it’s very drinkable and a solid execution of an hopped-up amber, no funny adjuncts here. Make sure you let it warm up to room temp for best flavor. imperial-poster

White Pine Stampede 2010


2-5-10 Rick Plite and Jeff Jacboi traveled to Mancelona for the White Pine Stampede cross country ski race in Northern Michigan. Rick and Jeff both signed up for the longest category, the 40k classic, and both scored a second place finish in their age category. Cross country skiing is a great way to cross train for cycling in the off season. Two visits to Shorts Brewery in 12 hours isn’t a bad way either!

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