3-29-10 2010 Barry-Roubaix

The Founders/Alger Mountain Bike Team officially kicked off the 2010 season this past Saturday March 27th with the 2nd annual Barry Roubaix “Killer Gravel Road Race” The Barry Roubaix is a classic road/off road race that challenges racers skills on hilly gravel roads, a few short pavement sections and 1 mile of gnarly two track. The race offers 3 options for distance. 23,35 and 65 miles. Sunny and cool conditions prevailed as a field of over 650 racers began their neutral rollout behind the sheriff’s lead vehicle. After the approximate 1.5-mile rollout, the sheriff took off and the race was on.

11 racers in 6 different categories represented Founders/Alger racing.

Beginner Men 20-29 Brenden Murphy DNF due to mechanical

Sport Men 30-39 Scott Thenikl 12th

Sport Single Speed Sue Swiger 20th

Expert Men 20-29 Jeremy Karel 8th

Expert Men 30-39 Shawn Crowley 13th, Gabe Niehoff 20th, Matt Remelts 27th.

Expert Men 50 plus Tim Curtis 8th, Paul Popielarz 18th, Dennis Murphy 21st.

Expert Single Speed Jeff Jacobi 18th

Congratulations to all the racers and special thanks to Rick Plite for organizing this event and to Martin Hall for cheering and encouraging the racers on those killer hills.

Scott T

Little Gladiators?

3-26-10 Last year at the Barry-Roubaix, Jacobi and Ryan from Velocity USA threw down and Jacobi came out the victor. This years results we shall see in the epic battle on gravel! Same day entries are available or come out and see a great race!

Battle of the Little Gladiators

[The Critter/Fiddler battle is only a sub-plot to the whole race]

Fisk Knob 2010


3-22-10 2010 Fisk Knob Time Trial Results

This past Sunday, March 21 marked the 30th anniversary of the Fisk Knob Time trial.  The day awakened to 30 degree temperatures and cloudy skies but turned to sunny skies and temps nearing 50 degrees for the start of the time trial; perfect weather for an all-out effort over 17.2 miles.  Though the course was not an easy one (it wouldn’t be worth if it was, right!?) and the Founders/Alger Racing team was well represented throughout the categories in a total field of 180 riders.  Those participating in the race were Shawn Crowley, Ralf Scharnowski (and Ralf’s son Niko as the youngest participant), Dennis Murphy, Rick and Cathy Plite on the Tandem and Josh Hogeterp.

Posted times:

Ralf Scharnowski (40-44 male): 0:48:31.22
Shawn Crowley (30-34 male): 0:48:45.94
Josh Hogeterp (30-34 male): 0:51:26.86
Dennish Murphy: (50-54 male): 0:58:34.49
Rick/Kathy Plite (Tandem): 0:50:09.34
Niko Scharnowski (19 and under male): 1:14:29.35

Great job everyone! -Josh

Hell Yes Sprints 2010


3-13-10 The Hell Yes Sprints took place this past Saturday at Hopcat. Some of the Founders team members were there to take part in the beer drinking, bike sprinting shenanigans. Nicola Fester, Shawn Crowley, Jeff Jacobi, Rick Plite, Jeremy Karel, Josh Hogeterp and Matt Remelts all gave it a shot. Nicola made it to the finals for the women’s category and after downing a delicious Hopcat brew had the strength to win the women’s sprint. She walked away with an awesome purple-rimmed, Deep-V Velocity track bike wheelset. Cathy Plite showed up later and won the “who has not raced yet” category. Perhaps she should come out of retirement! It was an awesome time filled with good people and good beer. More pictures at Jack Kunnens site.

Iver Johnson

3-9-10 Today is a good day. If you like stories that is… our resident storyteller Jeff Jacobi is up for this weeks ‘…because we ride’. It’s important to note that not only are you in for a treat with what can only be

considered an instant classic short story but also more pictures were taken for this post to get ‘just the right’ shot of the Iver Johnson.


Enjoy your Tuesday…

‘Well, my passion for classic and everything old started at my first real bike shop job, Chicago Drive Schwinn, where I learned to restore old Stingrays in the winter with my boss Ed. Ed is a real perfectionist and when it came to his collection, after all the work was done they were often displayed. I learned a lot about the history of the bike and we were the shop to come to because of the vast amount of knowledge that had been passed down from the owner Everett Sr.

I eventually moved on to a shop across town called Alger Schwinn. It was there that I came across my treasure…

One day picking up and cleaning the basement, I happen to look behind the boiler and there it was; undisturbed for no one to notice except for a trained eye. It was a frame and a drivetrain. It looked old! So without hesitation I pulled it out to see what it was. Wow, to my surprise a perfectly straight partially stripped frame that looked to be from the 1920’s. Sure enough, I respectfully brought it to the owners attention and offered him cold hard cash. He took the cash, a steal if I say so myself.

So here she is, my race ready 1920’s, Iver Johnson. This bike has brought me so much joy. It is a fully working bike from a time gone by. Every time I ride it, I think of the rides it may have taken. I personally feel I have restored it to represent its vintage and made it retain its history. Its not all original but you would have to be as big of a nerd as me to know the difference. You can see it in action later this month at the Barry-Roubaix. This will be the second year for it to complete. She’s the fastest bike downhill because of it’s 30 lbs. of inertia.

Spec’s :: All Vintage Parts
Nothing is new except the 27″ Tires

* Turned over and chopped cruiser bars
* Cut and trimmed Brooks B17
* 2 piece Iver Johnson cranks [original]
* 27″ steel wheels/New Departure coaster brake
* Paint/none. Vintage pitina
* 1940’s cruiser pedals with Vintage Schwinn straps [rusty]
* not original fork. the original was unsafe but the new fork is from a vintage road bike painted flat black
* 27″ x 1 3/8″ knobby tires. [new] You’ve got to trust your tires.’