Fisk Knob 2010


3-22-10 2010 Fisk Knob Time Trial Results

This past Sunday, March 21 marked the 30th anniversary of the Fisk Knob Time trial.  The day awakened to 30 degree temperatures and cloudy skies but turned to sunny skies and temps nearing 50 degrees for the start of the time trial; perfect weather for an all-out effort over 17.2 miles.  Though the course was not an easy one (it wouldn’t be worth if it was, right!?) and the Founders/Alger Racing team was well represented throughout the categories in a total field of 180 riders.  Those participating in the race were Shawn Crowley, Ralf Scharnowski (and Ralf’s son Niko as the youngest participant), Dennis Murphy, Rick and Cathy Plite on the Tandem and Josh Hogeterp.

Posted times:

Ralf Scharnowski (40-44 male): 0:48:31.22
Shawn Crowley (30-34 male): 0:48:45.94
Josh Hogeterp (30-34 male): 0:51:26.86
Dennish Murphy: (50-54 male): 0:58:34.49
Rick/Kathy Plite (Tandem): 0:50:09.34
Niko Scharnowski (19 and under male): 1:14:29.35

Great job everyone! -Josh