Hell Yes Sprints 2010


3-13-10 The Hell Yes Sprints took place this past Saturday at Hopcat. Some of the Founders team members were there to take part in the beer drinking, bike sprinting shenanigans. Nicola Fester, Shawn Crowley, Jeff Jacobi, Rick Plite, Jeremy Karel, Josh Hogeterp and Matt Remelts all gave it a shot. Nicola made it to the finals for the women’s category and after downing a delicious Hopcat brew had the strength to win the women’s sprint. She walked away with an awesome purple-rimmed, Deep-V Velocity track bike wheelset. Cathy Plite showed up later and won the “who has not raced yet” category. Perhaps she should come out of retirement! It was an awesome time filled with good people and good beer. More pictures at Jack Kunnens site.