Niner Air 9 review


A wise man named Jeff once said to me, “A twenty nine inch bike is like a classic hotrod-it may take a little more to get it going but once it’s moving, it flies.”  Truer words have never been spoken.  After spending three weeks on the new Niner Air 9, the verdict is in.  Not only is this bike faster than my twenty six inch full suspension, but it is more fun to ride. 

The biggest difference that I have noticed between my old 26er and this bike is the contact patch that the wheel size offers.  The tires simply roll over every obstacle that is put in front of it.  On top of that, I no longer avoid or stress about sandy sections as the bike glides through it.  Not only does the new Niner carbon fork look impressive, it is extremely rigid and light.  When you stand up and really push the pedal, you can feel all of your power transfer to the back wheel.  I am 6 ft and was a little worried about ordering a large but am glad I did as the sloping of the top tube gives ample stand over clearance. 

With this bike I decided to switch from Shimano to Sram components and have been shocked with how quick and responsive the shifting is.  Huge props go out to the guys at Alger Cycles for putting it together and adding the finishing touches.

Another bike enthusiast on the bandwagon of big wheels.