8 Hours of Cannonsburg

Gabe Niehof 8-Hour Ski Area
The Cannonsburg 8 hour challenge was a hot one!  I could only rock 3 hours of the 8 hour race because my niece had her high school graduation open house that I couldn’t miss.  Jeff Jacobi and I were the only ones flying the Founders colors that day.  I know a lot of our team had the Lumberjack race the following weekend and did not want to tackle an 8 hour challenge one week before.  I ended up with 6 laps in 3 hours which put me in 4th place (out of 5 riders).  Hats off to Jacobi with a 2nd place finish!!  He did 15 LAPS – 91 miles of single track!!!   
Gabe Niehof