Beer Review


From their website: Lumberjack is a traditional style American Pale Ale brewed with 100% malted barley. Lumberjack is full bodied with a perfect citrus hop aroma and smooth hop flavor. Although brewed with plenty of hops, Lumberjack also has plenty of malt character. This traditional style ale is crisp and refreshing presenting a smooth and enjoyable drinking experience for any time of the year.

I got suckered into buying 2 bottles of this since it was called “Lumberjack”.¬† I wasn’t expecting¬†a good experience, the label is yellow after-all? How Lumberjack is that? Anyway, I never heard of Tri-City Brewing Company over in Bay City but I like to support Michigan breweries so plunked down $3-4 for the two beers. It poured a nice yellow pale ale color but it had zero head and upon first sip tasted like all those cheap commercial pale ales. You know the ones and Founders isn’t one of them. Very light in body, corn meal in taste, more cheap lager than an ale. After my taste test I searched the Internet for reviews. The beers produced by Tri-City don’t score very high, I can see why.