Misery Loves Company?

Tim Curtis-Misery Loves Company
We had Founders/Alger  team members at the second Misery  Loves Company race Saturday the 28th.  The race was put on by the Western MMBA chapter and ran in the Yankee Springs area. We had   Matt Remelts place third in the 35-49 class,Jeremy Karel placed second in the 35 and under class, Tim Curtis placed first in 50 plus class and Jeff Jacoby………took a wrong turn……..
With many thanks to Martin Hall and Dennis Murphy for being the force behind putting this race on,  with help from a hand full of the TNR and their better halves
The race was a 29 mile race comprised of some of the same roads as the BR.  With five to six miles of sand two track at the end just to hold true to the name of the race.   The finish line crew received several comments from finishers on how the course exceeded expectations!
Tim C.