Road rage

The group ride experienced some road rage Tuesday night. 4-5 guys in the A’s crashed when a F-150 passed on a double yellow going up a up hill on Leonard Street and forced an on-coming car to the shoulder. When the truck swerved back into his lane he came close enough to the leaders to cause a pile up. He sped away with a burst of angry throttle. No one got his plate number but we reported it to the sheriff.

Shawn suffered the worst with a bad gash on his knee.



Jeremy has some road rash a broken crank and a bent wheel. Denny and one other person have totaled frames. Denny’s carbon frame snapped into three pieces.


Later in the evening on Walker an SUV did the same thing and two cars had to react to miss him, one went over a curb and got a flat tire, she was pretty
shaken. Fortunately no one crashed as a result of this one! I don’t think there was a full moon but it was crazy out there. Ride safe.