The 6/12 Hours of Pando Report

Pando 6-12hr Pit Row. Martin Hall

The Founders team was well represented at the 6/12 hours of Pando, with 7 racers competing.  The weather called for high temps and high humidity but luckily the clouds delivered some welcomed relief from the heat for most of the day.
Team “IPA at Midnight” consisted of Jeremy, Brad, Nicola and Matt.  They encountered some mechanicals in the beginning, but thanks to Mechanic Martin Hall the day was saved and the race continued smoothly.

Team IPA raced the 12 hour mixed open and won first place with a total of 32 laps.  There was no real competition as the other team was about 9 laps behind by 10pm.  Knowing they had bagged a win, most of the team decided to call it a day early and cracked open some Founders beer, as usual.
Jeff Jacobi placed 2nd in his class with an impressive 26 laps in 12 hours. That’s over 100 miles!
Gabe placed 1st in his class with 14 laps in 6 hours.
Brenden placed 2nd in his class with 10 laps in 6 hours on his singlespeed.

Special thanks to Dennis Murphy for doing an awesome job as time/lap counter.  Also thanks to all the Founders team members and friends who showed up for support and also brought some delicious and much sought after food!
Great job everyone! Go Founders/Alger!!!