Highland Cyclocross

Highland Park
After a pretty successful weekend at Plaster Creek, I decided to give the “A” race a try.  I figured the only way you can get faster is by racing against those who are faster than you.  Hopefully this optimism will hold true this season.
Upon arriving at Highland Park, I was impressed with the course layout.  The Rapid Wheelman did a great job creating a course that suits a technical mountain biker.  After preriding the course and adjusting my tire pressure, I felt ready to go.  My plan was to sit towards the back and get a feel for how fast this group rode.  As we started, I soon learned that maintaining contact with the pack would be difficult.  Jacobi, Hillaker and Versluis set the pace out front and created a gap quite quickly.  After a few battles for the lead, Versluis’s chain fell off and it was down to the duel between Earl and Jeff.  Before the race even started I noticed a gleam in Jeff’s eyes as he knew this was a course designed for him.  His pace seemed too much for the rest of the field and he took the top spot on the podium.
I on the other hand batteled it out with Gabe towards the back end of the field.  I couldn’t match Gabe’s exceleration and ended up finishing 11th.
Great job to all the Founder’s riders.  Next up is Caledonia.  Should we bring our mountain bike or cross bike?  That’s the question!!
Highland Park Results:
B Masters Race:
24th – Dennis Murphy
28th – Earnie Stafford
B Race:
4th – Matt Remelts
31st – Scott Thenikl
36th – Nicola Fester
A Race:
1st – Jeff Jacobi
10th – Gabe Niehof
11th – Jeremy Karel
13th – Tim Curtis