Peak 2 Peak recap

Tim Curtis and I made the trip north to Crystal Mountain for the P2P mountain bike race.  The start time wasn’t until 12:30 p.m. so we had plenty of time to travel north and get a good warm up ride in. Temps for the early start waves were in the forties so it was a nice change of pace to start later in the day and race comfortably in short sleeves. Temps reached the high 50’s and sunny skies held most of the day. We both signed up for the 50+ Expert class (3 laps) so I knew I would lose at least one spot to my teammate, Tim is wicked fast for an old fart! 18 racers toed the line for a brief grassy up hill start, then some flat pavement followed by about 10 miles of smooth, big ring, flat singletrack. Most of us were hitting over 22 miles per hour on singletrack! There was one rise about 10 miles in but you could remain in the big ring if you carried your speed into it. Next we hit some twisty rolling singletrack for a bit before spitting out at the base of the ski hills. Signs pointed left for beginners and right for Sport, Expert and Elites. Our turn lead us up about a 1/2 mile climb to the top of the resort, gradual enough to handle in the middle ring, the only spot on the course where it was really needed. Once on top we dove over the front side on some fun swoopy downhill singletrack before spitting out onto a fast grassy blue ski run only to be clamped shut by some slalom gates made possible by the red Sram folks. I rode pretty consistently until the final 1/2 lap where I gave up two spots to some other guys in my class, try as I might I didn’t have it in me to hang on to either one of them. I had to settle for 15 of 18 with a time of 2:32:35 for the 34+ mile race. Tim did much better with a time of 2:22:33 and good enough for 9th place. Future Founders/Alger Elite moster, Earl Hillaker posted a time 0f 2:12:44, only 14 minutes off the overall winners time. 2 lap course profile: