Found on Trail Ride Report

This sounds like a fun name for a knock down, last person standing ride. Unfortunately, not the case for this ride, on Saturday morning 12-4-10 Earl (new Founders teammate) and I meet eight of the TNR gang for a ride adventure around the Yankee Springs area trails. Departing the DL parking lot we headed off to trail parts unknown and unspoken. Eventually, we wound ourselves to the top of Graves Hill. The last rider finally reached the top and we all stood catching our breath and poking fun at each other. From the Devils Soup Bowl side of Graves Hill we heard a couple runners let out a blood curdling scream, HELP, HELP Please HELP us! We all turned and ran toward the screams, as we approached the screamer screamed that there was a dead body beside the trail. Sure enough there was a body, fully dressed and frozen! Fortunately Earl had his cell phone so we called 911 and then waited for the EMS and police. The police arrived about 30 minutes later and began their investigation. A snow covered car was found in the soup bowl lot and a few personal articles found between the car and the body. It appears the person committed suicide earlier in the week and had been along the trail for a few days. The woman had been reported missing from GR on Tuesday.

When the police finished taking our report they dismissed us. Having been standing around for an hour we were all very cold and rode away as hard as possible, trying to warm up and get the heck away from there, ending up back at the parking lot and to Sandy’s for hot coffee and breakfast, a somber group breakfast.

In retrospect, this was an exceptionally sad ride and sad situation. The EMS drivers told us there a 2-4 suicides in the Yankee Springs Recreation Area each year. Please seek professional help if the idea crosses your mind. For all the riders on that fateful Saturday the thought of riding over Graves Hill has lost its luster and may be better avoided for a while.

Peace Out and take care of your self!


Kenda Karma review


Kenda Karmas grace their presence on most of the team bikes and for good reason, they rock! I was recently surprised to find them a very good snow tire. A recent trip to the trails covered in snow had me worried that I should have changed them out for some meatier tires but the Karmas worked beautifully. If you are looking for a great, light all around full season tire look no further than the Kenda Karmas.