Snowcross #1 2011

The Founders Team showed up with good numbers this weekend at Versluis Orchards for the first race of 2011: Snowcross #1. Checking the temperature at 10am, Grand Rapids was a bone chilling 9 degrees.  By race time, it was also snowing very heavily.  We also came away with great results.  Earl passed Farmer Nate in the last quarter mile of the ninth and final lap to take 3rd in the A’s and top honors in the unofficial Founders/Farm Team contest.  Way to go Earl!  Nate and Joe #3 took the 4 and 5 spots with our own Jeremy Karel coming in at 6th.  Awesome race man!  Matt Remelts held on for 9th place.  Founders/Alger Racing claimed better than a quarter of the eleven A field finishers.
In the B’s, there was a huge field (in Snowcross terms) of 36 finishers.  The B race was 6 laps long.  Martin Hall finished a bittersweet 6th, dropping 4th and 5th due to a downed rider with the finish line in site.  Still a great race Martin!  Rick Plite took lucky number 13th place and Dennis Murphy came in at 28th.  Great job guys!
We should be proud of the team’s representation at Snowcross #1!  Race #2 is February 19.  Same farm-time, same farm-channel.  Send race pic’s to Rick for posting on the website.

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