Versluis Mudcross


The second of two SnowCross races was held yesterday Feb 19th at the Farmer’s orchard and field.  However, the weather and the course were far different yesterday than the January event which was held in 9-degree weather and riding through snowbanks.  Saturday’s event found the temperatures reaching approximately mid-30s.  There was nearly no snow on the course at all due to the previous week’s high temperatures.  What resulted was a muddy course.

The course wound across the Farmer’s field, bending on off camber slippery turns as well as riding down a treacherous downhill through a 20 yard wide (and several inches deep) puddle.   The puddle was the worst, because when you blazed through it, the water splashed up soaking your feet after which your feet got cold.  The two major up-hills weren’t steep, but were soggy and by the second lap became difficult to climb because your tires would slip.  The flat sections of the course were fast, despite the mud, because the ground was frozen and the mud was only on the surface.

All in all, I think the mountain bikes fared a bit better in the conditions than cross bikes.

Founders-Alger-Racing was represented by four racers.

In the A-Men category, Matt Remelts rode his mountainbike to a 7th place finish.  Earl Hillaker finished in 5th spot despite mechanicals.  I could hear Earl’s bike as he lapped me on one section with his drive-train emitting some awful KLUNK KLUNK KLUNK…. the drive trains really suffered on many racers’ bikes under these conditions.

In the B-Men Category, 32 racers participated and our team had two racers competing.  Martin Hall captured a 13th place finish on his 29er mountainbike.  Dennis Murphy finished 16th on his cyclocross bike.

Look for Founders-Alger-Racing’s next big event, with several team members committed to the Barry-Roubaix Killer Gravel Road Race March 26th.

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