Rudy Project


I just purchased some Rudy Project Rydon II riding glasses from Cascade Optical. I needed an RX pair of clear riding glasses and our sponsor just so happens to carry Rudy Project. I currently own RX sunglasses from Oakley and I have to say, the Rudy Projects are so much nicer. Actually I didn’t have a complaint about my Oakleys until now. You see, my eyes water really bad from wind turbulence near the frames, always have no matter whose glasses I have owned. I am so used to squeezing my eye lids closed to dispel the tears every few minutes but I thought it was just my sensitivity. My Oakley lenses need to be cleaned of tear droplets before each ride since I would have the dried on a crusty, salty mess. Guess what, the Rudy Projects remain 90% clean when I am done riding! Now I need another pair of lenses for sunny days since the lens can be easily swapped out. RX riding glasses are not for everyone since the curvature of the lens can distort your vision but if you have a mild prescription these are an excellent way to go! The Oakleys will go on ebay soon.


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