Beer Review


Normally during my work trips on which I drive I often take Founders Centennial IPA with me since the locations to which I travel are weak in good beers.

I lucked out a bit this week.  I reached Princeton Indiana and found a local store that had Goose Island IPA on hand which is brewed in Chicago.

What I’ve noticed from many IPAs is that very few of them actually reach the robust hoppy level of the Founder’s IPA or the 7.2% ABV.  (Test cases Piranha Pale Ale in McAllen Texas).

Goose Island fits into those test cases well as a suitable subsitute but not as a full competitor.  It is a 5.9% ABV for starters. I also found it quite a bit lighter than my favorite Founder’s offering. It has a dry start to the flavor but a touch sour as an aftertaste.

Interestingly and coincidentally- one of the ingredients for the Goose Island is Styrian Hops- Styria is a state of Austria which I visited in 2001 (capital is Graz- hometown of AH-nold Schwarzenneger).


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