Mud, Sweat and Beers report

Marnie takes Mud Sweat and Beers!

This is a race that can be best described as a shorter, hillier, and sandier version of the Iceman race. It starts and finishes at the Mt Holiday ski resort, which turned out to be an excellent post race party spot. The after party really made this race worth attending. There was plenty of music, food, beer and sunshine to greet racers and friends as they finished this race. The race itself was mostly wide-open trails with some freshly cut single track mixed in here and there. There was even some suburban asphalt thrown into the mix when we had to cut through a neighborhood to connect trails. Although I did not have a good day on the bike, I had a great time at this race. If I go back next year it will be more for the after party than the race. As for the other Founders team members that attended. Marnie Tencate battled and fought her way to another 1st palace in the women’s sport class. Actually I think Marnie was the 7th fastest women overall in the race. Tenner finished with a respectable 30th of 447. Rick Plite was 105 of 447 and I brought up the rear at 180th of 447.

Scott T.

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