DRT’s Brown County Time Trial, 7-17-11

BC July ride race 012
We drove in to Brown County State Park on Friday evening and set up camp. Preparing for a week of riding the area.  I hit the trail Saturday A.M. for a pre- ride of the Sunday TT here at BC.  The race starts on a down hill called Hesitation Point……O.K……What did my loving wife get me into??  (yes, she found the race for me)….(life ins. payed??)
Here we go!  As most know the trail starts with a few rock gardens and I’m thinking WTF…  But it got better quickley,  great sweeps back and forth across the hills all the way down to the next trail and so on to the bottom.
The catch was I missed the new trail on my pre-ride(yes it is in the race).  O.K. the race starts with a new light rain on powdered up clay and rocks, this could be interesting,  I let the local that I started with take the start and lead me through the rocky areas at the top before I got him on an up hill. I was in the mind set that this was all down hill all the way till I hit the new trail(Green Valley).  This is a great trail but has plenty of up hill in it to even things out.  All said and done I placed second in Cat. 2.  One great ride in a great area!
Tim Curtis

Tour around Lake Michigan!


It was the dream and devourer of countless hours and miles for former co-worker and long time team sponsor Mike Roon. In the form of Michigan Coast Riders. A tour company devoted to top quality tours around the Great Lakes. The inaugural ride was a two week journey around Lake Michigan from June 18-July 2 2011. 10 riders were expected. 9 showed (1 was confused). We had a couple from Maine, 3 folks from Utah, 1 guy from SoCal and another from Texas. A lady from Lansing and a guy from South Haven. Most everyone knew each other from other tours. The staff consisted of Big Mike driving the luggage and rest stop vehicle and myself and a guy from N.Y. Shane. We all met in  Muskegon on June 18 for bike assembly and safety checks, followed by meet and greet and a early night to bed for an EARLY start to the ride. Shane and I would alternate every other day from riding and driving the mechanic vehicle. I got the first ride day. Muskegon to Ludington, which was a really nice ride. The next 4 days were rain and fog which really was a disappointment for everyone because the riders missed some of the most beautiful scenery in the state! We rode counter clock wise. Wisconsin was where things cleared up and we had pretty nice weather for most of the rest of the trip execpt for some heavy Lightning on the leg from Indiana back into Michigan. A beautiful ride through Chitown and up the southwestern shore. A super fun and picturesque ride over all. You can read the daily blogs and see countless photos of the trip on the michigancoastriders.com website. And if your intrigued, better sign up quick, Mike said he is over half sold out on next year already!

Founders Alger Racing gets around


This past weekend Earl and Brenden headed to Boyne Ski Area for the Boyne Marathon. Earl said “Boyne was an awesome event. They had both killer climbs and descents. For this year they used some of the old Down Hill run. I love to see it when they put some extra descending challenge in an event. My seatpost broke early in lap 4 and I spent the rest of lap standing. That was a rough last lap however pushing through netted a 3rd place in the Elite category.”  Way to go Earl! Brenden raced in the beginner single speed event and rode to a 6th place finish.


Dennis and wife Joni stayed close to home and tackled the inagural Grand Rapids Urban Adventure Race, of which Founders Brewing Co sponsors, yeah! Dennis and Joni and came in 125th of 176 in the co-ed divison. Dennis went on to say “In the end we did all but two of the Bike checkpoints, and wanting to get to some of the foot portion of the event we turned in our bike card and corralled the bikes, changing from cycling shoes to hiking footwear and we were off on the next section.  The foot portion took us into buildings, up onto the top level of a parking ramp, the fish ladder and the bus station. One challenge was to buy four bus tickets ($6 total if you wanted to do this) and drop them off at Degage Ministry so they could use them to assist people in need with transportation around town.  We ended up doing all but three of the foot portion. It was a blast, the event well organized and we would readily do it again!” Full Story

Next up is the Ithica 6 and 12 hour race

State Games report

IMG_1081The Michigan State Games Mountain bike race was held at Cannonsburg Ski Area again this year and had a great beginner and sport turn out, with the day as a whole showing about 100 rider gain from the previous year.
I raced in the Expert 50 + class with a 12:30 P.M. start time on a beautiful June day.  Temps in the upper 70s  and a course that was in perfect condition(except for the water just before the timing mats).   I usually ride with a back pack for hydration but opted for two water bottles for this race.  First lap was great, it was fast and in a group the kept things moving fast enough to keep you from thinking about how hard you were working.  Second five mile lap spaced things out a little and felt great,  third lap I started to realize why I ride with a back pack all the time, water was running low and cramps were setting in. Fourth lap started with Martin offering to fill a water bottle for me for the last lap, I took him up on the offer by throwing him a bottle and made my way through the fourth lap with more cramps.  Fifth lap started with a fresh water bottle that was gone in a mater of minutes and a whole lot of slow climbing with legs screaming at me.  I was very happy to see the finish line with the only guy passing me late in the race was not in my age group!!
Overall, a very good day of racing for the Founders/Alger Team,  with many placing.
Jeff Jacobi-  First in Elite
Gabe Niehof– First in Expert/Elite SS
Jeremy Karel-Second in Expert 29-under
Tim Curtis- Third in Expert 50+
Matt Remelts- Fourth in Expert30-39
Rick Plite– Seventh in Expert 50+
Dennis Murphy- Ninth in Expert 50+
Brenden Murphy-Sixth in Beginner 19-29
By Tim Curtis