DRT’s Brown County Time Trial, 7-17-11

BC July ride race 012
We drove in to Brown County State Park on Friday evening and set up camp. Preparing for a week of riding the area.  I hit the trail Saturday A.M. for a pre- ride of the Sunday TT here at BC.  The race starts on a down hill called Hesitation Point……O.K……What did my loving wife get me into??  (yes, she found the race for me)….(life ins. payed??)
Here we go!  As most know the trail starts with a few rock gardens and I’m thinking WTF…  But it got better quickley,  great sweeps back and forth across the hills all the way down to the next trail and so on to the bottom.
The catch was I missed the new trail on my pre-ride(yes it is in the race).  O.K. the race starts with a new light rain on powdered up clay and rocks, this could be interesting,  I let the local that I started with take the start and lead me through the rocky areas at the top before I got him on an up hill. I was in the mind set that this was all down hill all the way till I hit the new trail(Green Valley).  This is a great trail but has plenty of up hill in it to even things out.  All said and done I placed second in Cat. 2.  One great ride in a great area!
Tim Curtis

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