Founders Alger Racing gets around


This past weekend Earl and Brenden headed to Boyne Ski Area for the Boyne Marathon. Earl said “Boyne was an awesome event. They had both killer climbs and descents. For this year they used some of the old Down Hill run. I love to see it when they put some extra descending challenge in an event. My seatpost broke early in lap 4 and I spent the rest of lap standing. That was a rough last lap however pushing through netted a 3rd place in the Elite category.”  Way to go Earl! Brenden raced in the beginner single speed event and rode to a 6th place finish.


Dennis and wife Joni stayed close to home and tackled the inagural Grand Rapids Urban Adventure Race, of which Founders Brewing Co sponsors, yeah! Dennis and Joni and came in 125th of 176 in the co-ed divison. Dennis went on to say “In the end we did all but two of the Bike checkpoints, and wanting to get to some of the foot portion of the event we turned in our bike card and corralled the bikes, changing from cycling shoes to hiking footwear and we were off on the next section.  The foot portion took us into buildings, up onto the top level of a parking ramp, the fish ladder and the bus station. One challenge was to buy four bus tickets ($6 total if you wanted to do this) and drop them off at Degage Ministry so they could use them to assist people in need with transportation around town.  We ended up doing all but three of the foot portion. It was a blast, the event well organized and we would readily do it again!” Full Story

Next up is the Ithica 6 and 12 hour race

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