State Games report

IMG_1081The Michigan State Games Mountain bike race was held at Cannonsburg Ski Area again this year and had a great beginner and sport turn out, with the day as a whole showing about 100 rider gain from the previous year.
I raced in the Expert 50 + class with a 12:30 P.M. start time on a beautiful June day.  Temps in the upper 70s  and a course that was in perfect condition(except for the water just before the timing mats).   I usually ride with a back pack for hydration but opted for two water bottles for this race.  First lap was great, it was fast and in a group the kept things moving fast enough to keep you from thinking about how hard you were working.  Second five mile lap spaced things out a little and felt great,  third lap I started to realize why I ride with a back pack all the time, water was running low and cramps were setting in. Fourth lap started with Martin offering to fill a water bottle for me for the last lap, I took him up on the offer by throwing him a bottle and made my way through the fourth lap with more cramps.  Fifth lap started with a fresh water bottle that was gone in a mater of minutes and a whole lot of slow climbing with legs screaming at me.  I was very happy to see the finish line with the only guy passing me late in the race was not in my age group!!
Overall, a very good day of racing for the Founders/Alger Team,  with many placing.
Jeff Jacobi-  First in Elite
Gabe Niehof– First in Expert/Elite SS
Jeremy Karel-Second in Expert 29-under
Tim Curtis- Third in Expert 50+
Matt Remelts- Fourth in Expert30-39
Rick Plite– Seventh in Expert 50+
Dennis Murphy- Ninth in Expert 50+
Brenden Murphy-Sixth in Beginner 19-29
By Tim Curtis

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