Tour around Lake Michigan!


It was the dream and devourer of countless hours and miles for former co-worker and long time team sponsor Mike Roon. In the form of Michigan Coast Riders. A tour company devoted to top quality tours around the Great Lakes. The inaugural ride was a two week journey around Lake Michigan from June 18-July 2 2011. 10 riders were expected. 9 showed (1 was confused). We had a couple from Maine, 3 folks from Utah, 1 guy from SoCal and another from Texas. A lady from Lansing and a guy from South Haven. Most everyone knew each other from other tours. The staff consisted of Big Mike driving the luggage and rest stop vehicle and myself and a guy from N.Y. Shane. We all met inĀ  Muskegon on June 18 for bike assembly and safety checks, followed by meet and greet and a early night to bed for an EARLY start to the ride. Shane and I would alternate every other day from riding and driving the mechanic vehicle. I got the first ride day. Muskegon to Ludington, which was a really nice ride. The next 4 days were rain and fog which really was a disappointment for everyone because the riders missed some of the most beautiful scenery in the state! We rode counter clock wise. Wisconsin was where things cleared up and we had pretty nice weather for most of the rest of the trip execpt for some heavy Lightning on the leg from Indiana back into Michigan. A beautiful ride through Chitown and up the southwestern shore. A super fun and picturesque ride over all. You can read the daily blogs and see countless photos of the trip on the website. And if your intrigued, better sign up quick, Mike said he is over half sold out on next year already!

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