2011 Pando Fall Classic


The fall mountain bike season officially kicked off this past Sunday with the Pando Fall Classic. This is my first year doing this race. I have done the 6 hour race a couple of times. The cross country race layout is pretty much the same as the endurance race except for one single track section that was just added the day before the race. Overall, the trail was in excellent condition with mostly¬†hard-pack¬†conditions and very little of the sand we are used to seeing in the summer. The elite and expert classes started at 10 and Founders had racers in almost every class. This was not a good day for me. I started out ok but the heavy legs never warmed up and stayed heavy and sluggish the entire race. With the start of the 5th lap I started to feel my quads twitch which signals that the cramping is on it’s way. By this point I was just in survival mode and was able to hang on for 11th place in the 30-39 expert class. Luckily, my¬†teammates picked up the slack and we ended up with a pretty good showing. Elite and Expert classes were stacked this year!
Earl-10 Elite
Gabe-4th expert
Marnie-4th expert
Matt- 5th expert
Jeremy-6th expert
Josh-8th expert
Tenner-11th expert
Next up, more kisscross, Peak 2 Peak and Iceman