Cascade Optical


For the past few years, I have contemplated getting prescription sunglasses for riding.  Part of me was being cheap, the other part simply didn’t believe that prescription lenses would make that much of an impact on my riding.  After talking with several other team members, I decided to make the trip down old 28th street to visit Cascade Optical.  They are one of very few optical retailers who carry Rudy Project sunglasses.  It became clear to me after doing a lot of research, Rudy Project puts a lot of R & D into their sport specific glasses.  As I walked into Cascade Optical, it was apparent Rob and Chris where all about the customer’s experience.  They were not your usual pressure salesmen you typically find at most eye glass places.  On top of that, they both knew what cyclist look for and need in prescription sunglasses. Their expertise directed me to the the right frame for my astigmatism.  I ended up ordering the Zion model made by Rudy Project.  Both Rob and Chris told me to test the tint and the lens wrap and come back if anything was off.  After about a month, I can say with confidence it has improved my riding, especially in the trails.  I actually cannot believe I rode for so many years without these.  I’m already looking forward to adding some clear lenses for other riding conditions.  If your in the market for a pair of glasses specifically for cycling on the road or trails, look no farther than Cascade Optical.