Voler endorsement

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Do you remember the song, “If I could walk 5,ooo miles” from the 80’s? It was a fairly dumb song but it makes me think of how wonderful the VOLER BIKE SHORTS are!  I have nearly ridden 5,000 miles this season and the shorts have the same amount of “cush” and stretch as they did on the first day I wore them! None of the Voler products have faded, stretched out, ripped-out at the seams, or snagged…even when ridden through raspberries! After wearing the Voler products, a quick soaking in suds and rinse is all it takes to keep the “stink” out! Have you ever had a jersey that traps that STINK and youcan’t get it out? ME TOO! Onl

y not the Voler products! I am telling you… they dry so quickly there is never any musty “after-stink.”  I can’t wait to order more Voler products next year…I didn’t realize they were going to out-perform any other products that I had or I would have doubled my order this year. Thank you Voler! Your product ROCKS!

Marnie TenCate