Beer Time!

Mad Anthony IPA
Out of town for work trip, I am always curious to see the brews that can be found in other locations.  Interestingly, I found Mad Anthony IPA while in southern Indiana.
Why is that interesting?  Perhaps more so to me because this coming weekend is the Mad Anthony cyclocross race in old Fort Detroit.  The race, the beer and Fort Wayne Indiana are all named after “Mad” Anthony Wayne, a Revolutionary War general who mostly led American troops against British forces in the midwest during our war for independence.
The Mad Anthony IPA is brewed in Fort Wayne Indiana at the Mad Anthony Brewing Company ( A review of the Mad Anthony website will not show this beer available.  It was one of a rotating group of flavors brewed and bottled.  I found the brew to actually not be what I expected as an IPA (India Pale Ale).  For those who are familiar with Founder’s IPA and even Bell’s Two-Hearted, the flavor of Mad Anthony IPA would be quite different.
In a clear glass, the color is not a deep golden color, but rather, it is a light gold color with a slight hint and tinge of red.  There’s a slight sour, but not unpleasantly so, aroma to the beer.  There’s also a slighty but quick sour taste but this is quickly followed by a more rye flavor.  The Mad Anthony IPA is not the hoppy heavier style of IPA, but presents a bit of a red’s rye tinge of flavor creating a different IPA experience.