Fixed Gear Beer!

Fixed Gear

Say that 10 times fast! I saw this at the local beer store and had to try it, I am a sucker for anything bike related when it comes to wine and beer bottles.

Described as an American (usually means hoppy and more alcohol) Red Ale at 6.5% with 42 IBU’s from Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee in a 16.6 ounce bottle. I think it was about $5. The IBU’s sound low but they really shine through on this Ale. It pours a orange brown with a one finger head. I split the bottle with Cathy in a nice tulip glasses. Very piney on the tongue and the nose. Almost IPA level, Reds are usually malty and low hops if I’m not mistaken so this was a pleasant surprise for me.  Pick this one up, you won’t be disappointed.

I wonder if Dennis from the Fixed Gear Gallery has a closet full of these?