Barry-Roubaix tandem duel!

This year’s goal for the Barry Roubaix was not to punish myself on a single bike. It was not battle against some of the best road and mountain around. Instead my goal this year was to have as much fun as possible.  There are few things more fun and less serious than a tandem bike ride.


 This race for me on a tandem was just plain fun. The additional rush of speed a tandem is unmatched on the open road.  The story is not the same for the two track sections.  We moved along the 2 track section slowly. The thin tires and extra weight we not the top choice in the sand.  However once on the open road we were able to make up some time. Putting our heads down and working hard resulted in blowing past pace line after pace line of people. After every line we passed many riders would sprint to try and hang on our draft. It felt like deer fly trailing behind you on a summer ride. This worked well for us for most of the race. The up hills were not as slow as I would have anticipated and the down hills more than made up for the grinding up hills. The down hills lefty me just shy of a rolling laugh.


In even the least serious events competition always finds a way to make itself included. It didn’t go unnoticed to us that we started picking off tandems. Until we had a good feeling we were in the leading. What did go unnoticed was how a duo was reeling us in on the rolling section of dirt and quietly riding our draft as we rolled in to the part entrance. As we both roared down to the finish in the park we were swapping the lead back and forth. Back and forth. We made one final push to the finish and I thought we had them. The move was to early and they were right on our tail. They surged around us at the last second. Our attempt to reel them back in was too late. Half a bike length left us in second place.
In the end the Barry Roubaix was an awesome event.  Tandem biking is a blast and I will have a hard time doing this race as a single ever again.