Racing in Ohio, on a weeknight!

Found myself in Dayton Ohio tonight, called Andy Williamson the new IMBA Great Lakes rep who lives here. He is with me in the photo. Asked about going for a ride at the 5 rivers metro park and he asked if I’d do the local IMBA chapter “MoMBA” time trial race with him. Well, what else is there to do on a Wednesday in Dayton?
So, I arrived early and rode the trail to check it out. Nice trail, tight, lots of 90 degree turns and short on flow, but hey, lots of trail (8+ miles in a small area). So the race began and I was shocked at the slow speed at the beginning. Looking around to see who was going to go, guess who went? Another rider came along and we entered the woods together, I chased diligently but when it’s not a familiar trail there is a decided disadvantage. Long story short, At the half way point I had pulled #1 back to 20 feet in the rock garden when I selected the wrong line, off the bike, dropped the chain, handlebars twisted, etc… Good news, Ribs are fine! Unfortunately #3 and 4 got by me while I got going again! Regained 3rd spot again but could not make up the time to #1 and #2. They were at the finish line wanting to know who in the heck I was and what happened. Oh Well, another new pint glass for my finish spot and collection. A great day that spurred my racing juices again! Ye Ha!
See many of you at the Yankee Time Trial on Sunday. Might even see my bike racing enthuasim on the trail!
Go Ride Your Bike! MARTIN!