Windham preview

An opportunity to see how your fitness stacks up is what racing is all about. It could be by comparing to training, to last year, or to others. Last year I wanted to try one of the biggest event I could find. To test myself in a large talent pool and see how I stack up and likely eat some humble pie.  I decided that the only UCI world had to be the biggest.Traveling to cities like Pietermaritzburg KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa), Mont-Sainte-Anne Quebec (Canada), and Val d’Isère (France)  was out of the question. Windham New York is the only US location and is a drivable 12 hours from home.  I had my event.

Windham is this weekend on July 1st. With a strong finish at the Michigan State Games I feel as ready as I can be. Details to follow. Wish me luck.