Addison Oaks recap

This past Sunday was the Fall Classic at Addison Oaks on the east side of the state. The Founders Alger Racing Team showed up in force as many of us need the event to qualify for the points series. The team didn’t disappoint with a great finish by everyone. Jeremy currently leads the points series for the Expert under 29 class and many of us are in the top ten! Unfortunately I can’t include myself in such high regards. I can go the distance still but my speed seems to keep declining as I get older! Yesterday the rear derailuer cable broke and I was relegated to a two speed drive train. I thought about quitting bu how stupid would that be, they have a SS class and I had two gears left so why not finish it up. I had a blast after that and kept getting faster as the race went on. Once I had memorized the course a bit I was able to anticipate the small hills and turns faster. We hung around for podiums and awards in beautiful weather. The free brats and Team Race Beer just made the day! Thanks CRAMBA for a great time!

Earl 6th place Elite Men
Marnie 6th place Expert Women
Jeremy 2nd place Expert -29
Matt 4th Expert 30-39
Tenner 20th Expert 40-49
Tim 8th Expert 50+
Rick 14th Expert 50+
Tom 4th Elite SS