Sunday, September 23, 2012 we woke to the true chill of fall.  41 Degrees with a brisk North wind put Dennis in his warmest racing duds! Some team members were still feeling some pain from yesterday’s XCross race atHighland Park. Matt was the only one brave enough to do BOTH races back to back.

The Pando course was in terrific shape after a small shower passed through the night before.  As keeping with the 25 year PANDO RACE tradition, everyone began at the bottom of the ski hill and finished their 6th lap at the TOP of the ski hill.  (Elite’s and Pro’s did one extra).  Once to the top, you would fly down the outer edge and make your way in your big ring past the lake and into the woods & single track.  For some reason, I find the long climb up the woodsy side of the tubing hill the worse…but once to the top, you get to fly down the tow-rope hill. My new Velocity Blunt SL rims *(Built by team mate Jeff Jacobi) railed the U-TURN with my sweet Kenda Karma’s digging deep. Then you climb back into the woods to experience a few new sections. There was a little “ditch-dip” that claimed a few people due to the sheer steepness on both sides. (My last lap through, a skinny tree grabbed my bar end and sent me back down the leafy edge of the gully.) I am sure Jack Kunnan had a great KODAK moment.

All in all, it was a great race followed by the best team cheering everyone else on in the other divisions. When the announcer called out that it was time for the podium, we were happily greeted with prize money to the top 3 in each class. Here’s how it shook down:

EXPERT MEN 50+ Tim Curtis took 1st and Rick Plite took 3rd.

EXPERT WOMEN – Marnie TenCate took 1st.

Jeremy, Matt and Tom missed the podium by sheer seconds on the clock! While Dennis and Gabe placed 7th in class. In a competitive field, I would be happy taking 4th!