Some like it hot!

Everybody talks about cross training or off season training.  I myself used to spend a small fortune killing myself at the gym.  Then I started running, which is great cross training and something I need to do more of.  It is just hard to convince myself to do it and I often find myself wondering “Why are you doing this when you could be on your bike?”.  Recently my wife talked me into trying hot yoga.  I immediately pictured myself twisted and contorted staring at my own ass for an extended period of time contemplating the nature and reason for my existence.  How much of a workout can it really be?  You would be surprised.
Founders Racing was recently invited by Elizabeth at Yoga Heat to try a yoga class.  Elizabeth practices a style of yoga called power vinyasa.  It is a fairly fast paced style which focuses on strength building, flexibility and balance.  She does a fantastic job helping athletes (especially cyclists and runners) get the most out of their practice.  With a philosophy of “Helping Every Athlete Thrive” you notice rather quickly the benefits and how they translate to your sport.  Many cyclist I know have had or do have lower back issues caused primarily by lack of core strength.  Trust me, there is no shortage of core strengthening exercises here.  You will feel pain (sometimes days later), you will wonder why you paid for this (her classes are very reasonably priced) and you will most likely be silently cursing her for all the F’in chaturangas.  But in the end you walk (slowly) away knowing you just had a great workout, in a short period time for a decent price.  Oh, and then there is the heat.  Be prepared to sweat.  The workout alone is enough to work up a good sweat.  Add in a room temp of approximately 90 degrees and you sweat out those IPAs in no time.  Do yourself and your body a favor.  Check it out.
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