Fort Custer

IMG_4060-2 IMG_3971-2Gabe Niehoff just missed a podium with 4th place in Expert/Elite single speed against 13 other competitors.  He was followed shortly after by Tom Stolz in 5th place.
Other race results:
Jeremy Karel captured 15th place  and Jeff Jacobi finished 22nd place in a tough Elite Men’s field.
Danielle Shaver also had tough competition in the  Elite Women’s category, finishing 8th place.
Matt Remelts captured a 7th place finish in a 16 man Expert men 30-39 field.
Dennis Murphy finished 12th of 20 in Expert men 50+.
Rounding out the results, Ernie Stafford finished 9th in a field of 15 Sport Clydesdale racers.
Rob Meendering took a hard fall and a bar to the groin, did you put ice on it?
Fort Custer