8 Hours of Cannonsburg

8 Hours of Cannonsburg
It’s been a while since I’ve been on a four person team at a race so when friends started talking about Cannonsburg it wasn’t hard to get interested.  Turns out four guys were willing so here we go!   Greg, Kirk, Scott and my self agreed and Scott signed us up.

  Race day started as a cool sunny morning, great racing weather.  It was generally a small field, most of the single categories had only one or two racers.  The competition was in the team cats.   Two man teams had ten, and our four man cat. had six teams.  Team racers went out first and I drew the short straw and got to do the first lap.
  It turned out the promoter wanted to do things a little different so we raced the course backwards(so much for a preview of the course for the State Games).  The course actually rode pretty well backwards once you got used to it.  So going back wards meant going up threw the skills park and all the way to the top(Oh Boy).  First lap half way up I was passed by a fat bike, DA**!.  Then I see it was Scott Quiering, well that answers that!  I finished my first lap and found that he was on a four man team with all fat bikes….Great, were gonna get whipped by a group of fat tire bikes, whats was worse is they were betting us as three guys on a four man team on fat bikes!
  We stayed one lap behind the leaders for the day and tied with another team for second on laps but got third place by time.
It was a Great day for racing, a Great group of competitors,  And as expected Great beer with friends afterwards.
  Not bad for my 54th birthday!