Need new riding glasses?

Last year, after I lost my Tifosi riding glasses at Gravel Grovel, I began shopping for another set.  Anyone older than may have the same issue as I do- inability to see anything clearly within an arms length.   I could not read my bike computer and was at a disadvantage if I needed to even adjust or do maintenance on the bike without the aid of some cheap reading glasses!  I usually carried a beat up set under my jersey or in a back pocket.
Then I saw the ad in Velo News for Dual Eyewear.  These riding glasses come with interchangeable lenses and each lense has a bi-focal lens.
At $65 a pair, these are very reasonable glasses which come with two lenses- clear and dark.  I ordered the amber lenses for an additional $19.00.
The lenses only come in certain power range:  1.00, 1.50, 2.00.  I.e. no 1.75 is available some compromise may be necessary.