State Games of Michigan

Wood TV8 is known throughout the Grand Rapids area as hyping weather events and then in almost all circumstances, it doesn’t happen.  However, every year they seem spot on in forecasting the weekend of the State Games.  Hot and Humid.


The Founder’s Racing team was well represented this year and looking to nail down some podium spots.  This course suits our team well as it is in our backyard and many members ride and train here throughout the season.  The trails at Cannonsburg Ski Area are classic with short steep climbs, tight fast descents and grueling long two-track sandy climbs..  This is a course that tests your ability as a rider and fitness.

In the elite field there is always some jockeying even before the race starts.  Because placement in a time trial depends on when you sign up, many wait until the last minute in an effort to have some rabbits to chase down (The sooner you register, the earlier your time).  These Jedi mind tricks are a bit annoying and I wish there was a way to place the elite field for these races in a more equitable way.  This year, I started third and had two behind me.  Friend and former teammate, Earl Hilaker went off first and I knew he’d be the man to beat.  I waited 30 seconds in the hot sun before I got my chance to begin the chase.  My game plan was to ride steady and watch my speed.  I’ve always had a problem with blowing up at this race and knew with the heat it could be a possibility.


As the first lap progressed, I managed to chase down the rider in front of me but knew Earl was still out there.  Craig Gietzen managed to get on my wheel and we ended up riding together.  We talked strategy and agreed to work together to try and catch Earl.  Both Craig and I switched off pulling on laps and managed to bring back a bit of time.  However, Earl was the strongest man on the day.  We all crossed the line with less than a minute between us and my time was good for third.

The team ended up with a ton of great result.  Congratulations to everyone.


Jeremy Karel. 3rd place elite menIMG_6046-2
Matt Remelts 3rd place Expert men 30-39

Scott Tencate 6th of 13 expert men 40-49

IMG_6077-2Marnie Tencate 1st place expert women!!

Tom Stolz 4th place elite/expert singlespeed

Gabe Niehoff 7th place elite/expert singlespeed

A huge thanks goes out to our sponsors and race organizers.  We get to race bikes because of everything you do.  A special thanks goes out to the meteorologists at Wood TV.  You always seem to nail down the forecast for the third weekend in June.