BIG Marnie results

Congratulations to Josh & Jess! A beautiful celebration up at the Rowe cottage and some crazy fun times at the reception! I am quite sure the Founder’s team holds the record for “Most People Crammed into a Photo Booth.”  Best wishes to Jessie & Josh!

After the wedding, I crawled into bed around midnight, knowing I would have to be up by 6:30. After what felt like a 5 minute nap, I woke to the sound of POURING rain! Great. I dragged my butt out of bed and heard Tenner say, “100%”  All week Rick, Jeremy and Tenner spent every day working on Merrell Trail toying with the idea of doing the BIG M race.  IMG_5980During my first 3 trail working days, Tenner was 50/50% about racing, then, 40/60% but at the wedding he was 85% sure he would race with me.  (It must have been the Founder’s IPA talking.)  THIS morning, it was 100% NOT racing. I was on my own.
During my 2+ hour North drive, I watched the thermometer on my car drop to 52 degress. Yes, it is JULY 28! What the @%*$!  Summer_rainGot to Big M in a downpour, welcomed by Dennis and Joni (& her umbrella!) rain-13but looking at my glass half full, I figured at least the sand would be packed down.  The sun peaked out just in time for the start and we were off! Brent reversed the Lumberjack direction so the beginning was just a nice steady climb to warm up. (Yeah, not much time for that.) 2 young girls shot off the front right away, I wasn’t sure if they were Elite or Expert because all of us started at once. Never saw them again.
Our team has GOT to do this race next year! The course was AWESOME! After Boyne’s “torture-fest”, this felt really great! The rain caused the trees to droop & whip you with wet branches as you ducked through the rain forest 490831542sections but the wide open downhills were worth it! I don’t usually hit speeds of 27mph on a trail! I think Dennis said he hit 32! In other words…the course was FAST! Packed down, swoopy hills, some long steady climbs, and GORGEOUS! (I know guys don’t care to hear about it but the ferns & trees glistened as the sun took turns with the showers through the entire race.)
By lap 4, Summer Olmstead caught up to me and said her Infinite Nutrition was kicking in.  two-women-dancing-and-laughingMy “Wedding Legs” were kicking in.  Why did I feel the need to dance all night at the wedding? I ended up crossing the finish 2nd. Good enough to keep me at #1 for the Champion Point Series. A $40 payout covered the entry fee & parking cost.  Yea!
I missed my boys!!! IMG_7229The only other Founder’s racer that raced was Dennis. Finishing 11th out of 13 (50+.) A shout out to Nancy & Tim Curtis for cheering us on, too!IMG_6885
IMG_7307Next year…let’s attack this race and dominate as a team!