This season seems to have accelerated for me quite well.  After what I thought was a slow start, it really began to ramp up. One element that has helped is that I’ve dropped a considerable amount of weight over the last few months going from an average of 168 lbs. to holding steady at about 158 lbs.  As long as strength is maintained and not lost, clearly this improves the power to weight ratio.

One helpful piece of information in this regard is “Racing Weight- how to get lean for peak performance” by Matt Fitzgerald.  I was already doiong much of the advice in the book, but additional information from the book has allowed me to tweak and refine what I do daily to improve my diet and cycling.  One critical aspect of the book is the chapter regarding determining your ideal lean body mass.  Other portions of the book discuss different means to manage how and what (and when) you eat (such as timing nutrient intake). There are some recipes. There are also case studies for concrete illustration such as Joe Dombrowski.  Parts of the book have chapters focused on cyclists, triathletes and runners specifically.

Though the subtitle  “6 Step Plan for Endurance Athletes,” I recommend the book even if you are not doing endurance events.