Yankee TT

With the winter and spring season Michigan cyclists endured, riding in summer apparel seams like heaven at this point.  I’m sure every racer who toed the line on Sunday was thankful the date was pushed back a month as temps reached the low 60’s under blue-bird skies.  I rode the 25th anniversary spec’d trail the day before the race and was blown away how pristine the conditions were.  No sand, no mud!  Simply put, perfect.
The race itself is pretty simple.  Clip in, pedal hard and hold on for as long as you can.  This race truly tests the grit one has.  You have to play it safe and smart, yet be on the throttle for as much as you can handle.  I was happy to cross the finish line, only passed by one elite rider and feeling totally empty.
The race, full of as many adjectives as one could imagine, isn’t really the story behind the day.  As I sat back in a chair, I didn’t bring, head spinning and unfortunately not being able to partake in a beer quite yet, I scanned our team and observed what makes this sport and Founders Racing unique.  While racing and results are at the top of our minds to start every race, in the scope of things they don’t compare with the obvious priorities of the Founders team.  Priorities like Jeff showing multiple people a video of his son riding a bike for the first time.  Priorities like Gabe and Scott holding their kids and loving every minute of it.  axPriorities like Scott and Marnie watching their son cross the finish line instead of taking podium pics.  Priorities like Dennis and Tim running around making sure the race is running smoothly so our community of racers are safe and enjoying themselves.
It is special when hard work pays off and the days of freezing your ass off in February and March come to fruition in the form of medals, growlers and cash money.  But more than results, our team is a family who have their shit together.  Ride on.
Podium Results:
Jeremy karel – 3rd Place Elite
Earl Hillaker – 5th Place Elite
Marnie Tencate – 2nd Place Elite
(A special congrats to Marnie on her first elite race and podium)
Other Results:
Matt Remelts – 8th place expert 30-39
Rob Meendering – 25th place expert 30-39
Scott Tencate – 17th place expert 40-49
Paul Popielarz – 11th place 50 and over
Rick Yankee 2014
Rick Plite – 4th clydesdale
Gabe Niehof – 9th place elite/expert single speed