Capital City Crit by Earl Hillaker

Road races are generally foreign to me. I liken mountain racing to the use of a hammer. Everyone brings a hammer and the biggest hammer wins. Mostly road racing is not like that. It is tactful, timely and opportunistic.The first 30 min of the 35 min race has riders testing the field to see if they are strong enough to get away. Which almost no one can do alone so you launch an attack and see who will come with you. Are they strong enough to make it stick? The answer is almost always no. But there is pride in the effort. There is a hope that with every effort you are wearing down the field and improve your chances. I launched a few of these attacks to no avail. I chased a few with the same result. The last 5 min is an all all out assault.

Earl first place 8.2. 14 Earl, medal, capital, 8.2.14I was caught off guard by the ringing of the last lap bell. I was mid pack and needed to be close to the lead for an effective sprint finish. Three corners later and some hard work and I was able to move up. On the a long straight away I made a hard effort to put me in 4th. Around the small block and down the long straight to the finish is all we had left. The pace had been high and only got faster on the last lap. The pace for finish straight was like a down hill run away train. The speed kept building. 500m from the finish the lead group I was following began to fade and at the same time from my left someone launched an attack. I left the train and stood in an all out effort to catch his wheel. I sat in for 3 hard breaths and exploded around with 200m to go. I lurched at the line and saw someone closing fast. It was not enough. I held in for the win by 1/4 of a bike length. Everyone behind was almost to close to call.