Big Dog Strikes Beermuda Triangle – Keep it Leashed! Annual Founders Team Labor Day Outing

On Monday September 1st, 12 hearty souls set out to brave the Beermuda Triangle. This Founders Team Labor Day ritual combines the last long ride of the summer with stops at some of Michigan’s best breweries. unnamedOur journey started at Founders Brewing.  Like sailors in the treacherous Bermuda Triangle, we faced the threat of rough seas ahead. Fighting a strong headwind, we made our way to Old Boys Brewing in Spring Lake.  Drizzle began to fall as we completed our tour around beautiful Spring Lake. The skies let loose the moment we stepped inside Old Boys. While mother nature unleashed her tempest, we enjoyed lunch, drink and camaraderie at the dog themed brewery.  While the photo op with the capt’n (a random lover of spandex in search of a group photo) was a highlight of the stop; was the brewery’s dog theme an omen? unnamed2The heavens dried up for the second leg of the triangle, a southbound ride towards to Holland.  On route we sprinted up Five Mile Hill (often renamed by local vandals) and then continued down scenic Lake Shore Drive. After a short refreshment stop at New Holland Brewing, we embarked on the third leg of our tour.  Riding towards Founders Brewing, we enjoyed a tailwind and great spirits.  Our rolling average exceeded 20 mph and the group had suffered only one flat.  By all accounts, an excellent ride. Five miles from Founders, our group turned onto the Kent Trails bike path.  We relaxed in anticipation of cold beers and tasty food.  Ahead, an elderly couple was enjoying their walk. Suddenly, disaster struck.  A big dog leaped out of the bushes directly in front of a rider.  Mike hit the 100+ pound dog and was thrown from his bike.  We feared a broken collar bone and Mike’s carbon fiber bike looked like a write off.  Fortunately Mike was spared a fracture. The dog belonged to the walking couple.  They were very apologetic and hadn’t thought twice about letting their dog run free.  Please take leash laws seriously. Thanks to all who made this a memorable ride. It’s unfortunate that a great ride was overshadowed by a fully avoidable crash.   Wishing Mike a speedy recovery and looking forward to a safe ride in 2015. Special thanks to Jack Kunnen and Andy Westmoreland for the photos and for driving the Sag-a-ru. Ralf Scharnowski